Here's the scoops for today. Please read through and make sure you got it!

20+ SALE :: 11/26-12/25

Score 20% OFF your entire purchase now through Christmas and score an additional 5% OFF when you follow us on Instagram at @edeninloveboutique.

1) Global discounts and mark tags
2) Excludes consignment items
3) Valid on regular priced merch only, cannot be combined with any other promotion.



This week and all weekdays (Monday through Thursday) in December… it’s going to be good to give! We’re giving customers an opportunity to do something magical this Christmas and donate to three organizations close to our hearts! The first? Kapiolani Medical Center! (Read our email for Alyssa’s story) This organization supports infants, children, women and their families by providing important services and excellent quality care. Donate $5 to receive an additional 5% off 12/10-23 only! If customers do NOT have Instagram, they can score 25% OFF. :)

1) Valid on all regular priced merchandise. Excludes consignment items including: A-Line and Workshop28. Cannot be stacked with any other discount or promotion.
2) Cash donations only please! 100% of the donations will benefit Kapiolani Medical Center.
3) Please global discount and mark tags.
4) When customers donate, please keep CASH in the envelope provided at the cash wrap. Please fill in the square on our tally sheet. Goal is to get to $500!

Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 9.22.49 AM.png

FYI: $0.15 BAG LAW (STARTS 7/9)

From Monday, July 9th, we'll be launching our $0.15 bag fee implementation. All businesses must charge a minimum fee for any reusable or recycled bag given to customers for goods. 


1) Please ask the customer, if they'd like to purchase a bag for $0.15. If the answer is YES, please SCAN the SKU or type in "1000". The item name is "Shopping Bag - Recyclable Paper". If a customer does not want a bag or brings their own reuseable tote we don't need to charge them.

Bags CAN be discounted so if we have an ongoing sale, we can include in the global discount and bags CAN be rung up with consignment transactions.

2) The shopping bag fee will be for each small and large shopper we give out. So multiple bags? Multiple charges! You do NOT need to charge for GL bags used to wrap fragile items, jewelry bags or tissue!

3) If customers ask, here's a few answers:
-The 15 cent charge is mandatory and the city & county can fine retailers $100 for each bag given out but not charged for.
-The money will go back to retailers to cover the cost of using recyclable bags. (Just so you all know, we pay at least $0.50 for each bag we give!)
-Our bags ARE recyclable and compliant with the law. The little blurb is at the bottom of each shopper.


Hey kid, hey! We have NEW "I'M AN EDEN KID" stickers available for all the little ones that wander into the store. Feel free to give them out to the kids to stoke 'em out and keep them busy so their moms can shop. 



Meet a customer who's from Vegas or heading TO Vegas? Let them know about our store at Town Square and stoke them out with a $10 shop card to use on their purchase! Expiration can be 30 days from the time of issuance and initial.

Alright! That's all the updates that you need for today. If you have any questions, please check in with your MOD or text your group. 

Remember to be responsible for the energy that you bring and make their day! #HANDSUP