THE INFINITY: “The money trick”

We dubbed this trick the MONEY trick because it looks hard, but it’s really not! When you see a customer going for an obi belt say “There’s over 40 ways to tie this belt! My favorite is the infinity tie but I call it ‘the money trick’ because it LOOKS hard but it’s not!”

Here’s the steps: 1) Fold the belt in half (WHY? Because small, shorter frames will get drowned by a full sized obi!) and wrap it around your waist with the ends in the front. 2) Cross the right side over the left and TWIST, bringing it BACK to the right side. 3) Take the ends and tie a knot or bow in the back. Easy!

For even more petite frames, suggest beginning the belt as if you were about to tie the bow. So, 1) Fold the belt in half and wrap it around your waist with the seams on either side of your body. 2) Take the ends behind you, cross over and bring them to the front. 3) Criss cross the right over the left and TWIST, bringing it BACK to the right side. 4) Take the ends to the back and tie a knot or bow.

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the sweetheart neckline

One thing we LOVE about Hourglass Lilly strapless dresses? The neckline! Whether you’re wearing it casually with the seams on either side of your body or want to elevate your look with a sweetheart neckline, this dress is a go to because of its comfy jersey material and classic silhouette.

1) With the seams on either side of your body, shimmy the left seam to the middle of your body falling straight down your chest. 2) Viola! Sweetheart neckline.

It’s up to the customer but a sweetheart neckline is PERFECT for up’ing your style game for weddings, special events, etc. We’d rock it with a chunky statement necklace or gorgeous earrings and heels. BUT! You can totally rock it casually too with a longer, layered necklace and flats.


dicada boots: the magic boot!

These boots are seriously our favorite! Here are three reasons why:

1) THEY’RE CONVERTIBLE: With the ability to be worn either high or low, you basically score two looks with one shoe! With shorter dresses that show off some leg, we suggest wearing them LOW. For leggings and tunics? High!

TO CONVERT THEM: 1) Remove the top buckle, pulling it out of the slit. 2) Fold down your boot to the height you’d like. 3) Take the buckle and wrap it back around the boot, covering the size (this will be the indicator of where to buckle). Make sure the buckle is on the same side as the one on the bottom!

2) They’re perfect for customers with larger calves. “I can’t wear boots, my calves are too big” is a thing of the past! True story: Tanna was helping a customer in Vegas who really thought her calves were too big for boots. Sure enough, she slipped them on and even with the slit, they were a little snug. BUT WAIT! Fold down the boot and viola! She was able to wear them. Not only that but she was dancing around the boutique with happy feet because she NEVER thought she’d be able to find boots that fit! YAY!

3) The dreamy camel color matches with so many things! Customers may be a little hesitant to a lighter shade of brown BUT camel matches with almost every color and lightens up those heavy fall shades that often top black leggings. Scroll through Instagram for some ideas at how to wear them!


scarf to vest trick

“It’s too hot to wear a scarf” is a common thing we hear here in Hawaii. But that won’t stop us! Meet our SCARF TO VEST TRICK. Perfect to add a little print to a solid look, simply 1) Fold the scarf in half (bringing the shorter ends together - hamburger style!), 2) Take the top left corner and top right corner and tie them together in a small knot. 3) Run your fingers down the open fabric separating the scarf. 4) Slip your arms through the holes with the knot in the back and 5) VIOLA! Scarf to vest… check!